maandag 13 juni 2011

Wintercoat nr 1.

When I did start this blog last week I immediately decided that the first item I wanted to write about is one of my oldest items in my wardrobe. A wintercoat Bram bought me about 27 years ago.
We must have been together about a year or 2. It was January and it was a cold day. Everywhere on shops were signs of Sale. While we were walking through the PC Hooftstraat -at that time The Fashionstreet from Amsterdam- we passed a shop from Konig. Not a shop we particulary liked ,too posh in a way. But this coat was hanging in the window and Bram mentioned that we should go inside so I could try it on. I hesitated a little. Didn't liked the shop, didn't liked the staff and I thought the coat was way to expensive. But the coat looked great on me when I tried it on and it fitted perfect. Never had tried on such an expensive coat. Even in sale it was around 600 Guilder which was a lot of money at that time. We didn't buy it that morning. I didn't feel well with Bram buying such an expensive coat for me and couldn't pay it for myself. So we left the shop.
Always when we were in Amsterdam we just walked around. A little shoping, a museum, tea and cake at Pompadour and always lots of talking. So we talked about the coat while having tea and decided to go back to the shop to try it on again. It wasn't sold, and as sometimes things happen: Bram took his wallet (he had a well payed job at that time) and bought me the coat. He told me that it was better to have a good item in your wardrobe which would last longer due to the fact the the quality was much better. Since than I hardly buy cheap clothes and I wear my clothes for years. I was in a way overwhelmed with a feeling of having something special. Loved it from the moment I started wearing the coat. Every winter I bought another scarf so the coat always looked a little different.
And I did wear it.. Worn it season after season till it almost fell apart. The coat is made by the brand Compagnia Delle Pelli.Did check their webside but the last collection shown is from Primavera/ Estate 2010. The fabric is a sturdy almost Military green cotton from the outside and a soft cotton lining inside with a soft liner inbetween to get warmth. It is used and worn as can be seen(the inside lining comes through).Their is a coating (which has seperated from the fabric)on the hood and part of the collar. Sleeves are cut on, so the whole is a kind of T-shape with 2 compartment-seams at the back. 2 Pockets on the front.The buttons are not the original ones. Replaced them by these leather ones.

I still like the coat.Even now, when it came out of my wardrobe. It is a good design. Very practical and simple with good details and the fabric still feels good in a way (exept the coating). I have tried it on many times over the last years, but have never worn it again.Must have hanged there for more than 20 years.I have tried to throw it away, but always hesitated. Memories can be so strong. Guess I will never, ever wear it again.
Now, after writing about it, I feel it is time to say Goodbye.

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  1. 27 years is a very long time... That makes it a cheap coat. It lasted long (why not a picture with you wearing it, that is a real goodbye - I typed goodbuy :-)